Our Favourite Custom-built Homes of 2021

Fri, Dec 2021

Our Top custom-built homes of 2021

As a custom builder, this means working closely with our homeowners to achieve a look that is both practical and matches their lifestyle and building site. This is how we achieve stunning, individual bespoke homes! Each home tells a different story and reflects their homeowners. That is why we love what we do.

From the first onsite meeting when it’s just the slab through to when we handover, we get to celebrate the journey with the homeowner(s). Each home tells its own story.

Each and every time that we work with a new homeowner towards their dream home, we learn more and more about the homeowner and about new styles we may have never considered. At Hopwood Homes, we inspire to be the best we can to help our clients to achieve their dream custom-built home.

Custom-built North Bonville Home

North Bonville – North Bonville Road, Bonville

Custom Design/working with your site and incorporating lifestyle needs at the forefront of design.
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The Lauren 276 – Bellgrove Street Sawtell

Achieving custom design at its best.
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Bonville – Rustland Street Bonville

Working on a sloping site, Additional Living (granny flat).
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34 Rutland St 42

Valla – The Koah 264 – Swordfish Drive Valla Beach

Design to suit your site and taste.
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