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People say that building a home is one of the most stressful things you can ever do. Clearly those people have not built with Hopwood Homes! Our experience was one of the most exciting, creative and rewarding things we have ever been lucky enough to do in our lives. This is largely due to the way the team at Brian Hopwood Homes works. They are among the most professional and dedicated team of people we have ever worked with. Their attention to detail and inclusive approach made building our dream home a pleasure.
We were inspired by the architecture of Bali and wanted to design a home that incorporated a Bali feel but also suited our climate and environment here on the Coffs Coast. Brian really listened to us, understood our needs and guided us through the design process. He produced numerous floor plans, which we tweaked and re-tweaked until we had it right. The end product is a clever design which brings the outdoors in while creating a warm and contemporary home for our growing family. Our pavilion style home maximises the easterly breezes in summer while capturing the warm northerly sun in winter. It truly is a beautiful home which is so comfortable to live in.
The actual build happened so fast. Before we knew it we were choosing tiles and designing the kitchen. Natalie Hoy’s input in this process was invaluable. A very practical person with a real eye for design, Natalie had a clear understanding of what we wanted and helped us make some very big decisions with ease. Her attention to detail meant that nothing was overlooked and we ended up with a home that not only looks stunning but is also very functional.
Brian met with us every Monday on site to discuss the progress of the build and allow opportunity for clear communication. This unique service really separates Brian Hopwood Homes from other builders whom I’ve heard do not allow their clients on site at all. We truly looked forward to our weekly meetings, as Brian was always so positive and excited to see the project come together. The level of attention he gave us made us feel like we were his only clients!
We always knew exactly what the build was costing us – no hidden costs! The quote included absolutely everything, making us feel at ease from the very beginning, as we knew what our budget was and were able to stick to it.
The team of tradesmen were also incredibly skilled and professional. They were always open to discussing aspects of their work and readily contacted us, through Brian, to double check even the smallest detail. We really felt like we were a big part of the building process which was so important to us.
Each and every day we feel so grateful for the blessings in our lives and one of the biggest of those has been the pleasure of dealing with the team at Brian Hopwood Homes. They have helped turn our dreams into reality and have provided our family with the most incredible place to call home. We highly recommend Brian Hopwood Homes to anyone wishing to build a high quality and unique home. We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and look forward to building with them again in the future.

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